UVC Germicidal LED Disinfection Lamps for COVID-19: What You Need To Know

Sanitation, healthcare and government professionals are all searching tirelessly for anything that can help in the fight against COVID-19. Surprisingly, it seems that century-old technology may be one of the answers when it comes to battling the airborne spread of coronavirus.

How UVC Germicidal Lamps Can Fight COVID-19

Many people are rightfully concerned about indoor air quality, especially in heavily populated buildings. Virus experts think the use of a UVC LED strip within a filtration system may be one way to clean the air that circulates through these spaces and surface areas, making it less likely that the coronavirus can spread throughout the building.

While these lights have long been working to keep air clean, they haven't typically been designed to fight airborne pathogens (although many of these systems can knock out up to 40% of airborne germs). Given the challenges of COVID-19, building superintendents and engineers are looking to the inside of air filtration systems to kill fungi, bacteria and viruses. Many lighting companies are finding that their clients are reaching out to ask for UVC lighting systems to aid in protecting people from coronavirus.

Different Environments, Different Approaches

Different companies are taking approaches to utilizing UVC germicidal LED disinfection lamps in order to fight the coronavirus. Some are installing additional lamps within the air filtration systems they already have, in an effort to improve the air quality in the building. In some offices, a germicidal lamp is being installed directly over employee desks, helping to disinfect surfaces even after the employee goes home for the day.

It's key to consider the solution that makes the most sense for the building, and cost is a part of that decision. As a lighting professional, your guidance will be key for your clients to make hard decisions about how to change their lighting and air filtration systems to include UVC germicidal LED disinfection lamps in order to keep the people in their buildings safe.

Part Of The Solution

While UVC germicidal LED disinfection lamps can be helpful for killing the coronavirus, they're not the end all, be all solution for keeping employees and/ or residents safe in a multi-unit building. It's essential that other measures are taken as well, including social distancing, regular disinfecting of surfaces, wearing face coverings and self-quarantining if sick or having been exposed to the virus.

When talking with your clients about utilizing UVC germicidal solutions for their buildings, be sure to let them know that while disinfection lamps can help fight coronavirus, they are by no means a green light to throw existing precautions out the window. UVC germicidal lamps are a line of defense against COVID-19, but they're not a full solution to the problem.


When talking to your clients about stepping up their lighting and air filtration systems to aid in the fight against the coronavirus, you'll want to remember:

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